MEDIWARN – Training of Mater Dei Hospital Staff Commenced

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In August 2020, following an agreement between MEDIWARN and Mater Dei Hospital, MEDIWARN Research Support Officers started training Mater Dei Hospital nursing staff in relation to the data collection and clinical validation stages of the MEDIWARN project. Training and support will be ongoing throughout these phases.

Training is carried out in small groups, observing social distancing rules, and using personal protective equipment in line with Covid-19 recommendations. Both didactic and experiential hands-on training is being delivered.

MEDIWARN is a collaboration between the University of Catania (through its Faculty of Engineering), the University of Malta (through the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery) and the Policlinico Vittorio Emanuele (Ospedale San Marco) in Catania launched in 2018. The MEDIWARN project is funded under the framework of Interreg V-A Italia-Malta Operational Programme (2014-2020) – sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund – and aims to use a continuous monitoring system for an acute nursing area, which feeds into an intelligent warning system, and then analyses this information in real time. Through advanced fuzzy logic, the analysis done could alert medical staff as to when a patient’s condition starts to deteriorate, allowing for earlier medical interventions, and thus higher chances of treating a patient successfully. Permission for the data collection and clinical validation phases of the MEDIWARN project has been obtained from the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery’s Research Ethics Committee.

More information can be found on the MEDIWARN website, and on the MEDIWARN Facebook page