Targets and Results

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Targets and Results


Specific target of the Investment Priority

To increase the activity of innovation and research to improve the quality of life and the enjoyment of cultural heritage.

result of the program

Companies adopting innovative technologies and services created and/or enhanced at cross-border level [ΔN].

Target Groups

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Public and private health facilities

Medical / nursing staff

Companies that adopt technologies in the electromedical field




General objective of the project

To support the medical and nursing staff during the monitoring of patients hospitalized in the wards with the use of innovative tools, resulting in a significant improvement in patient comfort during hospitalization and in a strengthening of the health service for the benefit of citizens. Moreover, the objectiveis to promote the dissemination of electromedical technologies in society.

Result of the Project

Technology takeover by companies in the electro-medical sector

The product developed by the project will be the object of technological acquisition by companies operating in the electro-medical area, which will take care of its diffusion in the care structures, also benefiting in economic and employment terms.

Strengthening the skills of medical/nursing staff

freeing up time resources which favour the humanization of the sick/health relationship.
presuppone un miglioramento delle competenze teorico-pratiche.
Inoltre avrà la possibilità di confrontarsi con una modalità diversa inerente la trascrizione dei
parametri monitorizzati liberando risorse di tempo che favoriscono l’umanizzazione del rapporto malato/sanitario.

Benefit of patient trials

Patients will be the direct beneficiaries of the trial as they will receive additional clinical attention during the course of their illness, both from the medical (treatment) and nursing (care) aspects.

1. Increase the number of early identified patients with slowly deteriorating clinical conditions or prodromal stages of life-threatening disease.

2.To increase the quality standard of health care services by doctors and nurses who work in non-intensive wards.

3. Enhancing the dissemination of new technologies for medical enterprises

The worsening of the nosographic scenario of the disease may be characterized by a clinically imperceptible deterioration of vital functions. The biosensor will be able to intercept such slowly evolving stages moving up the therapy.
With reference to the ALS-ERC (Advanced Life Support-European Resuscitation Council) guidelines,
the staff will be able to recognize all cardiac "peri-arrest syndromes".

Patients hospitalised in non-intensive wards do not currently make use of instrumental assessments of vital functions.
Nursing staff will be provided with automatic collection of EWS
data and will be trained in their use through training courses which are standardized and verified by means of skills.

The dissemination of the project results and the sharing of the know-how and of the technologies used with the electro-medical companies will shorten the time needed for research and development of new products, thus favouring their capitalization and rapid diffusion in the market.