Work Packages

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Work Packages

    • Project management and coordination

    • Administrative and financial management of the project

    • Level I control

    • Internal and external communication of the project and graphic design line

    • Exchange of knowledge and training

    • Dissemination, capitalization and dissemination of the project results

    • Definition of the pathologies of interest

    • Definition of the vital signs to be acquired and their characteristics

    • Method for acquiring vital signs

    • Selection of sensors to use

    • Creation of the vital signs database

    • Communication system design

    • Analysis of vital signs by fuzzy logic

    • Sviluppo di un prototipo / simulatore del paziente

    • Graphical interface design

    • Integration of the sensory system with the graphic interface and the communication system

    • Experimental validation of the biosensor in the laboratory

    • Clinical validation of the biosensor in healthcare facilities

    • Design of the MEDIWARN web portal

    • Stipulation of agreements between research institutes and companies